Acupressure, moxa, cupping, gua-sha

Acupressure, moxa, cupping, gua-sha there are additional technics used in Chinese medicine which could be used separately or combine with others i.e. with acupuncture.

Acupressure is based on the local pressuring of selected acupuncture points or along the meridians. There is a method lying between acupressure and massage called meridian-acupuncture massage (AMM) which is very effective and is used by several therapists and doctors working at the Chinese Medicine Centre in Krakow (i.e. Anna Szydlik, lek. med. Michalina Kochaniewicz).

Moxa is a traditional Chinese technique involves heating of point or points, lines or surface of the skin or just only heating of the placed in the body needles. This method is extremely effective in “cold diseases” (even pleasant), Qi deficiency. Qi stagnation and Yang deficiency. Duration of moxibustion should not be shorter than 10 minutes. For moxa we use special formed cigars with dried mugwort herb.
Moxa is often used as a technique supporting acupuncture, Tui Na massage and meridian-acupuncture massage(AMM).

Cupping is an old tradition (known and popular in various traditional medical systems, present also in western medicine). This method is extremely effective to warm up, to move stagnation and remove toxins. Cups in Chinese medicine are placed on acupuncture points (this can be done simultaneously with acupuncture), along the course of the meridians or one can use the so-called mobile cup. Cups could me made of glass, plastic (vacuum with plunger), silicone, rubber or bamboo.

Gua Sha is an old classic technique of Chinese medicine. It involves repeated rubbing of the oiled skin in the places where is a stagnation and pain. We do that  as long as there will be ecchymosis, particularly in the pain area. As a consequence it will unblock energy and stimulate circulation.

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