Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest medical systems in the world. At least, for the last 3 thousand years is effective not only in treatment, but in disease prevention. Doctors in ancient China receive salary when the patient was healthy. The ancient, classical Chinese medicine and its new modern form called Traditional Chinese Medicine […] read more...

  • Consults and Diagnosis

    We use classical methods of Chinese medical diagnosis:

    -          History taking

    -          Inspection

    -          Tongue diagnosis

    -          Pulse diagnosis

    And additionally Ryodoraku method – Japanese diagnostic and therapeutic system based on rules of Chinese medicine more...

    Consults and Diagnosis
  • Prophylactic and therapeutic diet

    A very important part of prophylactic and therapeutic Chinese medicine is a proper diet. This is a foundation of the health and even the best methods of treatment will be useless without a proper diet. more...

    Prophylactic and therapeutic diet
  • Herbal treatment

    Chinese herbal medicine gives very wide spectrum of possible treatment. Well-tried for at least 2000 years herbal knowledge helps in strengthening organism, to supplement energetic deficit and regenerate damaged  tissues and organs.

    Art of Chinese recipes combination allows individually choosing the best blend of herbs based on a modified classic recipes or creating a new recipe, the best to treat the patient's current health problems. There are also numerous recipes to protect health - prevention is an extremely important part of Chinese medicine. more...

    Herbal treatment
  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is method of treatment very specific for Chinese medicine and mostly associated with TCM used for more over 3000 years. It is complicated system based on diagnosis and balancing of vital energy in channels and in organs, to increase it in deficiency and decrease or move in excess. more...

  • Acupressure, moxa, cupping, gua-sha

    Acupressure, moxa, cupping, gua-sha there are additional technics used in Chinese medicine which could be used separately or combine with others i.e. with acupuncture. more...

    Acupressure, moxa, cupping, gua-sha
  • Tui Na Massage, shiatsu, reflexology

    Massage is extensive and old part of Chinese medicine. There is a several technics of massage in TCM, however the most know is Tui Na – therapeutic massage of the whole body, using meridians and acupuncture points. It could be used together with acupuncture, cupping or moxa which helps in effectiveness and speeds up process of healing. In our Centre, this kind of massage is made by Marta Kubisz and Magdalena Konior, TCM therapists. more...

    Tui Na Massage, shiatsu, reflexology
  • Clinical Supervision

    In our Centre take place clinical supervisions carry out by outstanding specialist in Chinese medicine: professors and other lecturers from Chinese Medical Institute and Health Prophylaxis.

    The GOAL of supervision is a CLINICAL CONSULTATION IS DIFFICULT previously treated cases with methods of Chinese medicine or Western medicine without clearly improvement the health of the patient. Supervision is the equivalent of a medical consultation, led by Professor along with other practicing specialists in Chinese medicine. more...

    Clinical Supervision

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