Prophylactic and therapeutic diet

A very important part of prophylactic and therapeutic Chinese medicine is a proper diet. This is a foundation of the health and even the best methods of treatment will be useless without a proper diet.

It is very important to eat regularly, according to the daily and annual rhythms of our biological clock. In the morning, between 7 and 9 stomach is able to digest everything and that’s why should receive a basic, solid, warm meal, which provides energy for most of the day. The second breakfast around  10-11 will strengthen the functions of the spleen and pancreas and add extra energy. Good lunch at lunchtime (between 12-14 , no later than 15) will provide enough energy even to the end of the day. After lunch, it is good to have a short half-hour siesta which gives the necessary recovery and  in the second half of the day we’re not sleepy and  we have more energy to work. Dinner, you cannot eat at all, and if anything should be light, with little food and no later than 18-19.

Healthy eating means  a diversity diet  and tailored to the seasons, the weather, the personal constitution and the energy needs of each of us. There are no identical people, so there is no universal diet for all. Some food may be healthy for someone but for someone else could be inappropriate, harmful and even deadly in terms of health.

There is no food (of course apart from highly processed food full of chemicals, preservatives, etc.), which in themselves are “good” or “bad” – it all depends on f.e. in which climate we live, how is our health, which season of the year we have etc..

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