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Consultations and diagnosis

We use classical methods of Chinese medical diagnosis:

-          History taking (based on 10 classical questions)

-          Inspection

-          Tongue diagnosis

-          Pulse diagnosis

-          Meridian palpation

(Not all these methods must be used during every visit in every patient)

During a visit in Chinese Medical Centre you will get a diagnosis of your problem and offer of the best possible treatment which could include one or more possibilities f.e. herbal prescription, acupuncture, massage.   >>> more

In our Centre take place clinical supervisions carry out by outstanding specialist in Chinese medicine: professors and other lecturers from Chinese Medical Institute and Health Prophylaxis.

Prophylactic and therapeutic diet

A very important part of prophylactic and therapeutic Chinese medicine is a proper diet. This is a foundation of the health and even the best methods of treatment will be useless without a proper diet.  >>>more

Herbal treatment

Chinese herbal medicine gives very wide spectrum of possible treatment. Well-tried for at least 2000 years herbal knowledge helps in strengthening organism, to supplement energetic deficit and regenerate damaged  tissues and organs. >>>more


Acupuncture is method of treatment very specific for Chinese medicine and mostly associated with TCM used for more over 3000 years. It is complicated system based on diagnosis and balancing of vital energy in channels and in organs, to increase it in deficiency and decrease or move in excess. >>>more

Acupressure, moxa, cupping, gua-sha

Tui Na Massage, shiatsu, reflexology

Clinical supervisions

Supervisions are carried out by outstanding specialist in Chinese medicine, professors and other lecturers from Chinese Medical Institute and Health Prophylaxis with assistance of several therapists, who refer their patients for supervision. There is a possibility that supervisor could see a new patient, however the treatment should be followed up further by one of the therapist from Chinese Medical Centre team.

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