Acupuncture is method of treatment very specific for Chinese medicine and mostly associated with TCM used for more over 3000 years. It is complicated system based on diagnosis and balancing of vital energy in channels and in organs, to increase it in deficiency and decrease or move in excess.

Puncturing relevant acupuncture points on the body, mainly attributable to the acupuncture channels, allows to achieve the desired therapeutic effect through appropriate selection of points, their combination, various techniques of puncturing (i.e. direction, depth), duration of treatment and needle techniques manipulation.

Apart from puncturing with the needles (different lengths and thicknesses) there are also other techniques to support acupuncture as:
- Moxa (heating needles or same acupuncture points)
- Cupping (especially when they are placed on specific points  or moved along the meridians)
- To trickle points (sometimes performed to move strongly blood and decrease access

- To press points (different techniques of acupressure)

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