Tui Na Massage, shiatsu, reflexology

Massage is extensive and old part of Chinese medicine. There is a several technics of massage in TCM, however the most know is Tui Na – therapeutic massage of the whole body, using meridians and acupuncture points. It could be used together with acupuncture, cupping or moxa which helps in effectiveness and speeds up process of healing. In our Centre, this kind of massage is made by Sylwia Stelmach and Magdalena Sliwinska-Konior, TCM therapists.

Other techniques of Chinese massage include.:
• Bao Jian An Mo Shi massage (used in our Centre by Barbara Czarnecka,  physiotherapist)
• Taoist  self-massage (the patient can be learned certain elements of this massage by Barbara Czarnecka)

Shiatsu -  Japanese massage also has its roots in Chinese tradition – is based on the Chinese concept of meridians and acupuncture points with elements of acupressure.
In the version of relaxing and therapeutic option it is carried out in our Centre by Joanna Reszka, massage therapist.

Chinese reflexology includes foot massage. One of its variants is a traditional foot massage  – On Zon Su, although there are other varieties. Western reflexology also has its roots in Chinese tradition of foot massage.
In our Centre, Beata Dynowska is an excellent reflexologist.

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