Herbal treatment

Chinese herbal medicine gives very wide spectrum of possible treatment. Well-tried for at least 2000 years herbal knowledge helps in strengthening organism, to supplement energetic deficit and regenerate damaged  tissues and organs.

Art of Chinese recipes combination allows individually choosing the best blend of herbs based on a modified classic recipes or creating a new recipe, the best to treat the patient’s current health problems. There are also numerous recipes to protect health – prevention is an extremely important part of Chinese medicine.

Knowledge of  compilation of Chinese herbs (but also Western or American described in TCM way) allows to avoid adverse side effects and keep their curing property. The herbs in prescription can mutually reinforce each other, reduce side effects or an unfavorable direction of their action. It is very powerful healing tool taking into account all the patient’s problems.

Knowledge of Chinese pharmacology is also useful in the Chinese dietetics. Administering appropriate herbal teas based on the current state of health, emotions, weather, season, etc., strengthens, as a prophylaxis or treatment and  not allowing  for the development of the disease or just simply leading to health improvement.

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