15 Chinese medicine specialists working in Chinese Medical Centre in Krakow give a comprehensive treatment using all possible TCM methods. You can get professional TCM diagnosis, dietary advice, consult, herbal prescription and other treatment such as acupuncture, massage, cupping etc. It means that your treatment will be individually well-suited for the best results. As a team working together, during someone’s leave, therapy could be continued by another therapist without unnecessary delay.

Specialists working in Chinese Medical Centre in Krakow:

  1. Tania Camacho Regnier: acupuncture, Tui Na massage, medical Qigong, Chinese prepared herbal formulas
  2. Beata Dynowska: refleksologogy, dietetics of TCM, Western herbs
  3. Joanna Grzesiak: dietetics of TCM, Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture (also cosmetic acupuncture)
  4. Barbara Hoerner de Roithberg: dietetics of TCM, Magnetic Bioresonance (specj. of alergy, obesity, anti-nicotine therapy)
  5. Marzena Jamroziewicz-Śmiech: acupuncture-meridian massage (AMM) for children and adults, akupuncture, cosmetic massage & cosmetic acupuncture
  6. Magdalena Konior Ph.D.: akupuncture, Tui Na massage, face massage, Chinese herbal therapy & Chinese classical formulas
  7. Michalina Kochaniewicz, M.D.: specj. of medical pysiotherapy, akupuncture (also cosmetic acupuncture), Chinese herbal therapy, Medi-taping, acupuncture-meridian massage (AMM)
  8. Wiesław S. Nowak M.D. Ph.D. (Medical Director of the Chinese Medical Centre, specj. chorób wewnętrznych i  hematologii): akupuncture, elektroakupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy & Chinese classical formulas, extra Riodoraku diagnosis
  9. Teresa Rajtar, M.A. Diet.: dietetics of TCM and Western dietetics
  10. Konrad Skrzyszewski: acupuncture, electroacupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal therapy & Chinese classical formulas
  11. Sylwia Stelmach: acupuncture, electroacupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal therapy
  12. Marceli Sternak, M.D.: akupuncture (specj. pain treatement)
  13. Wei Xiaohong, M.D. & TCM: akupuncture, Tui Na massage

Tania Camacho Regnier  9:00-19:00   9:00-19:00   9:00-19:00   9:00-19:00   9:00-19:00 10:00-13:00
 Beata Dynowska  10:00-19:00  10:00-19:00 10:00-19:00
 Joanna Grzesiak   10:00-19:00
Barbara Hoerner de Roithberg 14:30-19:00 15:00-19:00
po uzgodnieniu
Marzena Jamroziewicz-Śmiech 10:00-14:00
Michalina Kochaniewicz, M.D. 8:00-13:00
Magdalena Konior Ph.D. 9:00-15:00 9:00-15:00 9:00-15:00 9:00-15:00
Wiesław S. Nowak, M.D, Ph.D. 9:00-18:00 12:00-16:00 9:00-14:00
Teresa Rajtar, M.A Diet. 16:30-19:00 16:30-19:00
Konrad Skrzyszewski  10:00-19:00 10:00-19:00 10:00-19:00
Sylwia Stelmach  9:00-19:00  9:00-19:00   9:00-19:00   9:00-19:00  9:00-19:00  10:00-13:00
Marceli Sternak, M.D. 10:00-13:00  15:30-19:00
 Wei Xiaohong M.D.    11:00-18:00


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