Consults and Diagnosis

We use classical methods of Chinese medical diagnosis:

-          History taking

-          Inspection

-          Tongue diagnosis

-          Pulse diagnosis

And additionally Ryodoraku method – Japanese diagnostic and therapeutic system based on rules of Chinese medicine.

Visit in Chinese Medical Centre gives an opportunity to be diagnosed according to TCM and further to make a plan of treatment. Individually, one can be offer acupuncture or massage f.e. with additional technics as cupping or moxa, and one can receive herbal prescription and dietary advices.

A proper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment takes in account a human as a psycho-physical whole and allows to treat a Person extremely effective and without adverse side effects. We are not interested in treatment diseases of the organs but the whole suffering Person. The most important is treatment of the reasons of the symptoms and diseases, rather than focusing only on the symptoms. Therapy given in such way will be more effective and long lasting.

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